Totally forgot to upload this picture Constant took last week, when we went to Rotterdam.

I don't have a lot to talk about today. I'm feeling really sad at the moment, because someone I love passed away last week and someone else I love isn't doing well either. I'm so lucky to have some amazing friends and a super sweet boyfriend, who all now how to cheer me up. Love you guys!
Anyway, I hope you'll all have a great weekend! I'm off to a party at a friend's house tonight, if I can get my party-mode on, and tomorrow I'm having a brunch with the family and I'll probably spend the rest of the day making homework.

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19 reacties

  1. I'm so sorry !! If you need to talk, you can write me anytime!! <3. I hope you are going be better soon.

  2. Ah, wat naar zeg! Heel veel sterkte, ik hoop dat het snel beter met je gaat!

  3. Wat vervelend zeg :(. Sterkte!

    Liefs, Mariette

  4. Aw, het komt wel goed! Wat een geweldige jas!

  5. Awh, sterkte ermee!

    Mooi jasje trouwens op je foto!

    Liefs, Esmée

  6. Wat sneu! Heel erg veel sterkte meis! Ik vind je jas trouwens prachtig :) Heerlijke overgangsjas.


  7. Bedankt voor je comment, jij ook veel sterkte :( XX

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your loss! The outfit looks great on you in any case. Good luck with everything!!

  9. Staat je supermooi die jas! Sterkte!


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