Yesterday we got a message from Paris (Glitterati &Glamour), she gave us the Liebster Award!
This is an award that can be given to any blog with less than 200 followers, it's actually meant to make those blogs little more known.
When you get the award, you have to write down five random facts about yourself and award five blogs you like (and that have less than 200 followers).

Since Constant isn't back yet, I'll follow up the instructions myself. So here we go, five facts about me:
1) I love cooking. I can spend a full day in the kitchen without getting bored. The only disadvantage is cleaning up the sink afterwards...
2) I like sports, especially snowboarding. I cycle rather than catching the bus, and I'm a member of the local gym.
3) I don't eat meat/fish/chicken/rennet/gelatin, just because I love animals. I simply don't like eating things I love.
4) I never ever wear nail polish, because I'm not patient enough to apply it. I hate when it doesn't dry quickly and I accidentally use my hands and the nail polish gets all ugly.
5) The cup in the picture above is not the Liebster Award of course, it's a cup for a debating competition. I won it when I was the captain of a debating team in college.

These are the blogs I pass the award on to, because I think they deserve more followers (and believe me, it was pretty difficult to choose between all of the inspirational blogs I'm following!):

Thanks again, Paris!

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10 reacties

  1. congratulations on the award. good luck on expanding your blog!


  2. Congrats! I love your blog; you guys deserve it :)
    And it's very cool to hear you're also vegetarian like me (I love animals too!)


  3. aww congratulations
    follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  4. Heee wat leuk! Je hebt mij genoemd! Thanks!!

    Je blog is leuk!

  5. Ah dankjewel voor het doorgeven van je award, aan onder andere, mijn blog:)

  6. You girls look gorgeous!
    I love your blog!!!!!! XOXO

  7. Heel erg leuk dat je o.a. mij hebt gekozen!

  8. Congrats!


  9. I like fact number 3, I don't like meat and i'm not a fun of it either, but I eat some fish, I find it quite interesting.

    I wouldn't eat any meat either after reading the book called 'Eating Animals' have you read it? it's a little difficult to understand, but once you get to the pages where the author describes the torture this animals are subjected to; in other to have their meat on our plates you'll be surprised.
    gefeliciteerd met je award.


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