1-2) Stuff I bought this week
3) Dates, yummy!
4) Listening OneRepublic on Youtube
5) My mum's cooking-pears
6) Pretty evening sky

Above you see some real magical sunglasses I bought a couple of days ago. These actually are the first aviators that don't make my face look extremely weird, so I took home two of them immediately.
Also bought a new pocket umbrella, since my old one almost broke during last week's stormy weather. And a cute tin filled with cinnamon mints to replace my empty liquorice mints tin (always carry some minty candies with me, little addiction).

Cleaned up my messy room today while listening OneRepublic – Good Life, read a book while eating dates and watched series while drinking tea. And to make this day even better, we had my mum's delicious cooking-pears for dinner.
Perfect Sunday, I'd say.

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22 reacties

  1. Beautiful pictures love those sunglasses <3 x

  2. Such beautiful pictures!

  3. LOVE IT!!!

  4. I MUST find some avi's like those! All the ones I find make me look so awkward, but I love the style!
    Also please see my post for tomorrow (2/6) on Glitterati and Glamour. I have awarded you with a blog award :)


  5. hi and thank you so much for your comment on my blog! i just found out about your blog and i loved it! is very interesting! :)

  6. i too like this song <3

    i love glasses :)


  7. great blog you got here! i'm following, hope you can follow me back**

  8. Bedankt voor de reactie,
    die laatste foto is echt heel erg nice! (:
    Liefs, Kiek.

  9. It looks like an awesome Sunday :)

    Great blog, following!


  10. these photos are great! Thanks for sharing. I haven't been able to find a pair of aviators that will fit my face shape...hopefully I will someday. let's follow each other?

    I put up my first head to toe outfit post. check it out and let me know what you think. xx

  11. My Glossybox was quite good, but I ususally dislike how the products smell... Hahaha...

    Thanks for sharing part of your life... Beautiful pictures!


  12. dankje wel! pfoe, het duurde zo lang voordat mijn stijl af was, haha.
    en een zwaluw op je onderarm vind ik ook onwijs mooi. het zal vast heel mooi bij haar staan!
    de foto´s uit het artikel zijn heel leuk, hihi, stoofpeertjes zijn zo ontzettend lekker! :3
    loves, saar.

  13. Door die zonnebrillen krijg ik zin in de zomer ♥

  14. Je kamer ziet er echt leuk en gezellig uit! :) En wat een mooie lucht op die laatste foto zeg.

  15. Nice sunglasses!

  16. Wow, the pears-mum-thing reminds me of my childhood!

    Love Vienna Wedekind

  17. Nice post and photos! Loving dates too and my mom sometimes make a similar cooked pear dish... lovely :)


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