1) Protecting myself from the cold
2) Irresistibly cute dogs
3) In front of the store
4) Stuff I bought
5) Little part of our big breakfast

Woke up really early to go interior shopping at Ikea with my sweet friend Widya, who's going to move into an apartment this wednesday. We had breakfast at the Ikea restaurant (so cheap, pancakes €1, cinnamon rolls €0,50, tea/coffee €0,75) and walked three times through the store, which took us about 3 hours. My friend bought a lot of stuff she needed and I bought a lot of stuff I actually don't need. Pretty happy with all of it, though. Bought ice cream scented tea lights, butterscotch chocolates, berry chocolates, a dark chocolate bar and a fluffy dog for my bf (long story).
After the shopping we grabbed lunch and then cycled back home. Which was a disaster, because Widya's bike broke into a thousand pieces and we got trapped in a snow storm, but we had fun anyway.

P.S. Have you seen our giveaway?

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  1. I love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! I'm now following you, follow me back?


  2. thanks for visited me :)
    i love this photos! great inspirations :)

  3. Wat leuk dat je bij de Ikea bent geweest! Dat is zo'n toffe interieurwinkel!
    Wat een leuke blog heb je trouwens, ik ga je gelijk even volgen.

  4. I love Ikea :) I go there at least twice a month! Love their candles and little accessories like vases and candlesticks. Btw, I love the faux fur headwrap, looks fabulous! I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  5. Wie houd er niet van ikea?! ;-)
    leuke foto's!

  6. Yummy!!! Very nice photos. I´m your new follower in GFC. I´ll be very happy If you follow me too if you like my blog.Kisses from

  7. Your booties are so cute! I love Ikea :-)

  8. I love IKEA! Sounds like you had a great shopping day but sorry about the trip home. I love your boots and bag in the picture above!

  9. Nice pictures!

    xoxo, Oana

  10. Heeerlijk he de ikea! Ben van de week nog geweest.

  11. Ik hou van de Ikea! Leuke foto's!


  12. nice style! all the photos are awesome as well!!


    check, follow or whatever you like:

  13. Dankjewel voor jullie leuke reactie! Ik zie inderdaad dat jullie ook nog niet zo lang bezig zijn, ik volg jullie! Erg leuke foto's, ikea is echt leuk (: Volgen jullie mij ook? :$

  14. lovely pics!!
    xx cris

  15. Leuke foto's! Die beertjes zijn heeel schattig:)

    xx Laura


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